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Cooling is often the weak link in modern PC & Workstation systems. The ever- growing performance of modern systems has led to steadily increasing heat densities. CapTherm’s multiphase technology enables faster computing speeds (higher clock frequencies of up to 5 GHZ), up to 50% reduced processor temperatures and much increased reliability. In addition, our technology significantly improves acoustic performance by reducing fan speeds and airflow requirements.

CapTherm’s multiphase products offer the highest volumetric cooling efficiency available, thus enabling smaller and lighter products while reducing stress on the processor. Allowing PCs and workstations to operate within their specified operating temperatures will allow for increased energy efficiency and reduced power consumption.

Our products are designed for high-performance without compromising reliability. Air cooling is unable to deal with the heat densities created by modern, powerful systems. Water cooling is much better at dealing with the cooling efficiency but carries with it a risk of catastrophic failure (leaks) plus the inherent unreliability of a mechanical pump. CapTherm’s multiphase technology performs significantly better than either of the older options from an efficiency perspective while also eliminating almost all potential points of failure..

About Captherm Systems

CapTherm Systems Inc – Progressive Thermal Management is a thermal management/ cooling company that specializes in PC, Server, LED, Electric vehicle cooling. We are a high-tech R&D company.


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