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New gas-electric hybrid and electric vehicles (EVs) are entering the market every year as consumers demand a cleaner form of transportation and independence from foreign sources of energy. However, one of the biggest challenges of the EV market – battery cooling – has yet to be adequately addressed. As temperature control is the most important factor in improving battery life, this affords tremendous opportunities for technologies like CapTherm’s multiphase system.

Batteries perform best when they are operated within their specified operating range. Thermal management for electric vehicle battery systems are crucially important to the performance and longevity of the battery. An efficient thermal management system, at the battery level, will enable electric vehicles to drive greater distances and significantly increase runtime on a single charge.


SampleProblems Caused by Inefficient Thermal Management

  • Batteries wear a lot more quickly when temperatures are not managed.
  • Potential safety hazards arise with uncontrolled battery temperatures.
  • Uneven temperature distribution creates unbalanced modules which results in a reduction in performance.
  • Charge acceptance is impacted when temperatures are not properly controlled.

CapTherm’s Solution

The ideal thermal management system for an EV battery system must meet some stringent design guidelines in order to be useful and cost-effective. Our multiphase technology meets and surpasses all of these obstacles:

  • Improved temperature control overall: Moving heat and mass at close to the speed of sound, our multiphase cooling technology is not limited to mechanical pumps. This guarantees cooling with minimal temperature variations throughout all modules.
  • Reduction of temperature variations: CapTherm’s multiphase approach offers improved battery capacity and minimal temperature variations to reduce surface superheat (SSH).
  • Lightweight and compact: CapTherm’s technology does not require a mechanical pumping system making the size and weight of our cooling apparatus significantly smaller than air and water cooling options.
  • Cost-effective low maintenance: CapTherm’s cooling designed to last and offers 100% maintenance-free operation. This reduces the need for mechanical tune-ups and antifreeze fills throughout the life of the vehicle.

Thermal management for EV batteries is critical to the success of electric vehicles in today’s market since vehicle performance, life-cycle costs, reliability, and safety all depend on the efficient functioning of the battery system. An overheated battery will consume more energy than one with proper thermal management, thereby reducing round-trip energy efficiency.

In addition to applying our technology to the problem of EV battery cooling, CapTherm’s solution can help prevent the overheating of devices called insulated gate bipolar transistors (IGBT). These are high-power switching transistors used in hybrid and electric vehicles. The chips are required to drive electric motors, switching large amounts of power from the battery pack to electrical coils needed to accelerate a vehicle from zero to 60 mph in 10 seconds or less..

About Captherm Systems

CapTherm Systems Inc – Progressive Thermal Management is a thermal management/ cooling company that specializes in PC, Server, LED, Electric vehicle cooling. We are a high-tech R&D company.


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