CapTherm Systems One of Top 5 Technology Companies in BC

We are pleased to announce having been selected as one of the ‘Top 5 Technology Companies in BC’ at yesterday’s NextBC event at Telus World of Science  in Vancouver where we showcased a live demonstration of our MP-1120. We are very excited about the local recognition we have received and feel honored to have been selected as one of the top 5 companies.


The event was setup in a trade-show setting where the previously announced top 25 companies had an opportunity to present their innovative technologies to a panel of independent judges as well as the general audience. You can view a video of our exhibit here:

MP-1120 is a revolutionary high-performance CPU Cooler based on our proprietary, pumpless multiphase cooling technology. Multiphase technology uses latent heat of vaporization by taking advantage of a phase change from liquid to vapor enabling our technology to absorb vast amounts of energy. MP-1120 features a 100% explosion welded metal construction with hermetic joints and is powered by a non-conductive refrigerant which makes our product an ideal choice in mission critical applications such as CPU, Datacenter and LED Cooling.


NextBC: The Showcase for Technology Innovation that will shape our Future presents the first ever event that showcases technology innovation in our province.  DigiBC sought out visionaries, innovators, and disruptors that are poised to shape the future of technology. Howard Donaldson, President of DigiBC, quotes, “There are awards shows recognizing past, current and great technologies; but we want to identify who is paving innovation for the future in BC. Howard also mentions, “Our own backyard is a hot bed for innovation. Digital Media companies alone in BC account for over 900 companies, employing 14,000 people. With numbers like that you can only imagine the innovation we have in BC that you haven’t seen yet.” 
For more information please contact:

Timo Minx
Chief Executive Officer
Tel.: +1 (778) 284-7691 ext 101

Philipp Fuhrmann
Chief Operating Officer
Tel.: +1 (778) 284 7691 ext 102
CapTherm Systems Inc. is a recognized leader in developing and commercializing next generation heat & mass transfer cooling solutions. Proprietary technology enables us to solve a broad range of high-power electronics cooling challenges with an especially strong focus on the IT, EV, Datacenter and LED market..

About Captherm Systems

CapTherm Systems Inc – Progressive Thermal Management is a thermal management/ cooling company that specializes in PC, Server, LED, Electric vehicle cooling. We are a high-tech R&D company.


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